Build your Creative Portfolio & Resume with Krop

If you are a creative professional, the Krop online service is a great way to get your resume and portfolio hosted online using a beautiful template. It was designed for creative people with high standards and built to the specification of creative recruiters at companies that already use Krop to find new talent.

This free service is great for:

  • Photographers
  • Graphic Designers
  • Studios
  • Illustrators
  • Motion Graphic Designers
  • Art Directors

Your portfolio has a simple job to do;Elegantly communicate who you are and the caliber of your body of work, while allowing users to easily view individual pieces. Simple enough for your dad, professional enough for your next boss, and stylishly-technical enough for your peers to enjoy.”

Joining is free forever and will never have advertisements.

Ads don’t belong in a professional portfolio, neither do ‘friends’, ‘comments’, or links to other artists & websites. We promise that we won’t try and become the next facebook at your work’s expense.

We hope that you’ll come to love your new portfolio so much that you’ll upgrade to a pro account. Upgrading removes the 10 image limit, and unlocks other features like style switching and domain mapping giving your work a more permanent home.

Resumes are finally pretty!

Our new compact resume design looks great on the web, and exports as an equally clean and printable PDF.

Again, we worked with our clients – recruiters who hire creatives for a living, and developed a template that gave them all the info they wanted while maintaining an aesthetic that made our designers happy.”

Here are some Sample Portfolios from Krop:

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