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The Shoes Stay on My Feet! - Ciao is Tiga's Latest Album

The Shoes Stay on My Feet! – Ciao is Tiga’s Latest Album

This is Tiga's second LP and I am loving it, different than the first one of course. Tiga is a producer/DJ from Montreal, Canada. Tiga is widely known for his remixes: Tomas Andersson's "Washing Up", Scissor Sisters' "Comfortably Numb" and Felix da Housecat's "Madame Hollywood" but also for his cove

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I love this scene of the famous 1990 movie "Goodfellas". One long shot filmed in sequence. Talk about a work of art from Mr. Scorsese. What a way to impress a girl!....What do you do????...I'm in construction...classic.

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