Out of print by David James

Moto Catalogue 1988

Designer and Art Director David James showcases his print portfolio gathered over the last 22 years.

Each work displayed has a story and/or explanation*(idea evolution), offering a nice insight to concept and strategies for some of his projects.

David James is better known for his work in Prada, where he holds the Art Director chair since 1997.

– miu miu campaign 1996

– Prada 1997

Shooting at dawn or just before dusk, meant that sometimes we could only do one or two shots a day!

There’s no digital manipulation in these images. Everything you see was done in-camera.

Miu Miu 2000

We wanted it to look as real as possible, as if she were falling in slow motion.

Falling into a swimming pool gracefully while maintaining eye contact is practically impossible to capture in-camera, but that’s what we wanted to achieve.

Prada show invite 2007

Another Magazine 2008

Prada 2010

This inspiring exhibition will only be available till mid May.

+ Out of print by David James

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