Identity: Best of the Best 2010

World Brand Design Contest

“In the evening of April 8 at “Design and Advertising” exhibition in Moscow (Russia) the results of Identity: Best of the Best 2010 contest were announced. The ceremony of demonstration of the best works and award presentation was conducted by Andrew Pourtov (producer of Identity: Best of the Best 2010, producer of HiBrand 2010 Product Branding, co-founder and CEO of, Editor-in-Chief of Identity) , Olga Pourtova (art director of Identity magazine, co-founder and creative director of and Jelena Drobac (freelance designer from Serbia, Member of The International Jury of Identity: Best of the Best 2010).”

“The Identity: Best of the Best contest has been conducted by the Identity magazine and the branding agency since 2005. The contest’s mission is to promote intercultural exchange between the designers and brand architects from different parts of the world, to elevate the general level of visual culture, to demonstrate to wide society and business circles the best examples of world brand design and to help to form an open and civilized market of branding and commercial design.”


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